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31 416 m2
Jerusalem (IL), 2017
drawing in public space

For 31 416 m² Matej Frank collected the addresses of the other international resident artists (in total 10 artists where invited for this residency) from different locations worldwide, and drew and mapped the contours of the 100 m radius around their addresses. These maps were then all superimposed and the contour lines were drawn in real size with graphite on the ground. This multilayering of the maps resulted in plenty of visible lines throughout the 100 radius meter circle around HaMiffal, able to be discovered by anybody. The most of the graphite drawings will disappear due to atmospherical conditions. 


Sculpture park Ergo Hestia

Sopot /PL/ 2016

realization and model


three graves

one family

one place

Grave Gallery

Olomouc /CZ/ 2016

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