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Matěj Frank is a visual artist currently based in Wrocław, Poland and Opava, Czech Republic. In hiswork he deals with a space in relation to time, motion, body and sound.

Although the base of his work lays in sculpture, he moves across different media, such as
performance, drawing or sound art. Frank usually focuses on basic phenomena, processes it with his own sensitivity and then re-creates and re-presents it through own perspective. He finds the closest surrounding and its constant change as a main source for his work. He is interested in layering of information resulting in illegibility and confusion while keeping the simplicity of the
form and/or process. He is also interested in conjunction of image and sound, and searches for
new ways of listening to what is already known.

As a member of the cultural association Bludný kámen, Frank organizes exhibitions of contemporary art and experimental music concerts. Currently, he teaches at the Sculpture department at the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw. He participates in
numerous national and international projects and exhibitions.

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