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micro /macro

sound recording of ants, bats, ocean

Vikštejn /CZ/ 2015

matej frank

Adina Bar-On                    Pracownia nr.6               4'33

jam session                        jam session                    John Cage


Nietoperze, sowy             Lepkie ręce                      Ściany szumów

nagrania                             Wolszczak                       Jakub, Matěj

Kamila, Matěj                    Domofonia                     urodziny U


2 szkola                               Hlukové stěny               Grain synth

rysunek, ruch, oddych      Jakub, Matěj, CIF#2      pracownia 1/2


A game with observation, objectivity, participation, changing of roles - who observes and who is observed. Searching the nuances between observation, monitoring, vouyerism, narcissism, acting.

The viewer becomes a part of a live projection devided into nine sections. Every section screens the same, but with different delays. The work invites to get lost in relativity and uncertainity of the space, time (no sequence, points on the timeline are unstable), and the information (although the screens are all the same, thier multiplication and irregular changes of what, when and where, cause that chaos). Objectivity becomes relativity.

matej frank
matej frank

more informations = more desorientation

The sound makes the distortion of the image. The greater the noise, the greater the distorsion. Steps, chats, opening the doors, passing tram... Live interactive audiovisual instalation

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