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The series of drawings from 2018 are realized within the framework of the Scholarship of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage.


  1. The composition of the art work as well as its nominal price was     

      generated randomly as a result of the dice cast.

  2. The work consists of ink drawing on paper, microSD card with video

      recording of the production of the artwork, transparent envelope.

  3. The text is an inseparable attachment of the work.

  4. The name of the work and its price are the same.

  5. The work was "Realized within the framework of the Scholarship of          the Minister of Culture and National Heritage."


Seller and buyer are required to follow the rules written below

  6. The work may only be sold for the amount indicated on the art work.

  7. The transaction currency is the current currency at the point of sale.

  8. The market price of the art work may vary depending on where the   

      work is sold, as described in point 7.

  9. The text must be translated into the language used in the place     

      where it is sold; translation is another attachment of the art work.

10. Sellers and buyers are signed into the columns below the text and 

      record the transaction date.

11. If any of the rules are not followed, the art work ceases to exist as     

      the art work.

12. The seller and the buyer confirm by signing that they understand

      the rules of the existence of the art work.

1-x, 24.10.-21.11. 2017, Graz  

1-x, 6.04.-6.05. 2018, Poznań

participatory drawing, ongoing project, dimensions variable

Realized within the framework of the Scholarship of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage.

1. choose a square within a grid

2. choose a finger you would like to print

3. press your finger in the grid, roll your finger from one side to another


From our birth until our death we constantly leave ephemeral traces in infinite quantities every day. We usually don’t pay attention to these traces, even if we leave such proves of our presence almost always and everywhere. The fingerprints.

On the one hand we try to keep our personal information, such as data or numbers in secret, on the other hand we leave our unique traces everywhere in uncountable layers. Usually, a fingerprint on a surface is perceived as something dirty. If we change the conditions we look at fingerprints, we can actually discover very unique information about ourselves. Among others, it is possible to read the information about age, sexual orientation, diet or even in case of a pregnant woman, the characteristics of her fetus.

Although the whole project seems like it is collecting our personal data, the opposite is true. No data of the participants is collected by the author. The grid with the fingerprints will be cleaned right after the exhibition period and nothing is left behind.

However, in our digital era, similar removal of personal data in the virtual space is hardly possible and as recent discoveries show, the collection of and the business with this information happens in an unimaginable scale.



participatory drawing, scratch gold paint, mirror foil

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